welcome to Next Stop TBC! I’m Pia, Finland based part-time blogger passionate about traveling, learning, nature and well-being. I started this blog because I wanted to make notes of my travel experiences to share with others and inspire people to seize opportunities to explore the wonders of the world and be energized to stay healthy and active when traveling. Starting a blog wasn’t an easy decision – actually I thought about writing of my travels for years before I overcame my fears of sharing my writing in public.

I got bitten by the travelbug early on in my childhood and I’m thankful to my parents for all the trips we took together. It really opened my perspective to the world and life in general. Unfortunately it did leave me with a wanderlust that makes me feel restless if I stay in the same place too long.

My first travel blog was Riseaboveclouds.wordpress.com but as soon as I started learning a little bit about blogging I started to notice all the things that I’d like to do differently. That’s how Nextstoptbc.com got started – from the huge number of opportunities and options out there for active traveling, whether it’s skiing or snowshoeing in Lapland, bicycling or yoga on the beach in Spain or scuba diving in the Caribbean. I travel sometimes with family, sometimes with friends and other times on my own. It’s about seizing the opportunities to explore the wonders of the world… one journey and day at a time.

Traveling highlights

I have special memories of living in China, Australia, California, and France. Living in another country takes the travel experience to a deeper level whether it’s 6 months or 5 years.

Where have I been so far?

Some of my all-time favorite travel destinations where I’d love to return one day:

Australia – Sydney will forever have a special place in my heart after living there. Darling Harbour, Balmain, Centennial Park, Manly are some of the spots full of wonderful memories. Diving in Great Barrier Reef and Brisbane have been unforgettable experiences.

New Zealand – Auckland and Bay of Islands, skiing in South Island and being hit by a snow storm on the way to Queenstown

Indonesia – my first solo scuba diving trip in North Sulawesi. It was a stressful period in my life but felt like all anxieties disappeared to the bottom of the Pacific and I could sleep again like a baby.

Hong Kong – felt like an oasis of western culture to escape to while living in China, swimming under the stars on the 116th floor of Ritz Carlton hotel overlooking Victoria harbor and visiting Disneyland

Mexico – scuba diving in the sea and cenotes, completing my AOWD certification, visiting Chichén Itzá

Italy – I dreamed of visiting Rome, Vatican, Naples and Capri for years and wasn’t disappointed

Portugal – City break in Lisbon and Cascais and kayaking in Lagos

Lapland – skiing in the winter wonderland in Pallas National Park, Salla In the Middle of Nowhere and Ruka

Where I want to go?

This is a tough question because there’s so many amazing places in the world that I dream of visiting one day! Here’s some of the picks from my bucket list:

Canada – there’s so much to see and experience that I have difficulty to decide if I should go in winter or summer and East of West!

South America – especially Peru and Machu Piccu

Thailand – relaxing holiday on the beautiful islands and scuba diving in the warm waters

Tanzania – climbing Kilimanjaro and scuba diving in Sansibar