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1 Day in Innsbruck – Walking Tour Itinerary

1 Day in Innsbruck – Walking Tour Itinerary

What comes to your mind about Innsbruck? Maybe a Winter Olympics city surrounded by mountains? The capital of the Tyrol region is a hidden gem among European cities – it had much more to offer than we were expecting, as we noticed to our positive surprise […]

10 Fun Things to Do in St. Anton am Arlberg, Austria

10 Fun Things to Do in St. Anton am Arlberg, Austria

St. Anton am Arlberg is Austria’s largest skiing resort  and has often been ranked among the top resorts in the Alps. It’s known as “the cradle of Alpine skiing” and one of Europe’s snowiest areas with plenty of activities to do in addition to skiing. St. […]

4 Days in Saariselkä – Skiing in Lapland Urho Kekkonen National Park

4 Days in Saariselkä – Skiing in Lapland Urho Kekkonen National Park

A 4 days getaway in Saariselkä, the northernmost ski resort in Finland is an utmost relaxing experience. Saariselkä is known especially for Urho Kekkonen National Park and the skiing tracks in the breathtaking scenery of Finland Lapland. The location is 250 km / 155 mi north of the Arctic Circle. The cross-country skiing season in Saariselkä is long, often starting already in October and lasting at least till late April.

Saariselka Urho Kekkonen National Park -

Our second visit to Saariselkä was at Easter time in mid-April. The previous visit four years earlier in the beginning of January was our very first visit to Lapland. What a huge difference – in April the days were long with sunlight from 5 am till 9 pm, temperatures over +10 degrees Celcius while in January the sun didn’t practically rise at all and the temperatures were freezing at around -25 degrees Celcius. On the first visit my daughter was 5 years old and learning to ski while this time around she was already 9 years old seasoned skier.

We’ve become huge fans of skiing holidays in Lapland! So far we’ve visited Ylläs, Pallas and Ylläs-Pallastunturi Nationalpark, Salla, Ruka (great skiing although not technically in Lapland as it’s located south of the Arctic Circle). Next on the list to visit are Levi and Pyhä though there’s a high chance that we’ll be returning to Saariselkä again too.

Best of Saariselkä: Skiing Tracks and Wilderness Huts

There are around 200 km / 125 mi cross-country ski trails, 34 km / 21 mi with illumination (making it possible to ski even in the middle of the winter when the daylight hours are short). There are over 40 day trip huts and open wilderness huts around Saariselkä area and Urho Kekkonen National Park. The huts are usually simple but are open for everyone to use: have a break and warm up by the fireplace, eat your snacks, barbecue sausages, etc. There’s also usually an outhouse toilet available in the hut’s vicinity.

Saariselkä skiing tracks -

Although Finns stereotypically are introvert (for example don’t be offended if you’re not greeted by strangers in cities, hotel or office lifts etc), it’s usual to say hello to fellow cross-country skiers in Lapland – a short “Hey” or nodding is fine when you encounter someone. Also asking for directions and about the skiing conditions is welcome and people are usually very helpful. Huts and fireplaces are shared with everyone and are great places to exchange experiences with other outdoors-loving people.

A good reason to learn a bit of Finnish are the quite funny names of the places in this region.

Day 1: Rumakuru (Ugly Gorge)

Length: 12 km / 7,5 mi

Difficulty: Easy

Mostly flat and easy track in the beautiful nature of Urho Kekkonen National Park.

Rumakuru Saariselka -

The Rumakuru hut was a great place to take a break and enjoy some snacks.

Rumakuru hut Saariselka -

Day 2: Kaunispää and Palo-oja (Beautiful Head and Burning Ditch)

Length: 12 km / 7,5 mi (circle route)

Difficulty: Medium – includes long climb up to Kaunispää but the route back is a nice and easy track through Urho Kekkonen National Park.

Kaunispaa fell -

Restaurant: Kaunispää Skiing Resort Café on top of the downhill skiing slope

Palo-oja Hut is a lovely place to stop and barbecue sausages

Palo-oja hut Saariselka -

In the end we passed Kummituskämppä, an outdoor fireplace that looked like the perfect place to visit with the very little ones just learning to ski.

Day 3: Piispanoja (Bishop’s Ditch)

Piispanoja Saariselka -

Length: 11 km / 6,8 mi

Difficulty: Easy

Restaurants: Savotta Cafe

After-ski: Laanila ski-boot dance “monotanssit” in the afternoon

The Saariselkä skiing track map online is an excellent resource to plan your adventure. The cafes along the skiing tracks. Information about the huts and trails.

Day 4:  Other Fun Winter Activities

After three days of skiing you might feel like doing something else for a change. Here’s a few ideas what else you can do in Saariselkä in the winter.

Try the Longest Toboggan Run in Finland (some say longest in Europe)

1,8 km / 1,1 mi long toboggan run starting from the top of Kaunispää fell at 438 m / 1437 ft from sea level. Bring your own toboggan or rent one from your hotel. You can reach the top of Kaunispää by walking, skiing, driving, taking the ski bus or taking the chairlift at Ski Saariselkä.

A great option for especially families with smaller kids is to enjoy the bottom part of the toboggan run close to the village. You don’t need to go all the way to the top, you can also walk as far up as feels good for you – this is what we did when my daughter was 5 years old. This time round we didn’t have time to go tobogganing, but it looked like a lot of fun when we skied up to Kaunispää alongside the slope.

Fees: The toboggan run is free. Toboggan rent at Holiday Club 5 euros per day. Chairlift 6 euros for a single ride.

Relaxing at the Spa

Saariselkä Spa is the northernmost spa in Europe. My daughter loved the counter-current swimming pool and the water slide. Thre were different saunas: Finnish sauna, aromatherapy sauna (pressing the button on the wall released water to the stove and a nice eucalyptus scent) and a steam sauna (for all genders so you might want to wrap into a towel before entering!). Bring your own towels (or rent one).

Fees: 20 euros for adults, 15 euros for children, towel rent 6 euros each.

Saariselkä Angry Birds Park

Saariselkä Angry Birds Park is a great place to spend a few hours if the weather isn’t inviting or if you and especially the kids feel that it’s time to take a break from outdoor activities. We visited on our previous trip when my daughter was 5 years old and she loved it! It was lots of fun exercise also for the parent.

Santa’s Office

A small building next to Holiday Club claims to be Santa’s office. In practice it’s Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort’s office but kids enjoy thinking about what Santa and the elves would do in their office 🙂

Saariselka Santa Office

Renting Skiing Equipment

It is possible to rent cross-country skis in Saariselkä for example at the Ski Shop at the Holiday Club.  They will ask your height, weight and shoe size to give the right sized equipment for you. No reservations in advance.

Fees: Classic style skis and boots 15 euros per day, skating style set 20 euros per day. 

Where to Eat

We cooked our breakfasts and most of our dinners at the apartment which was very convenient. We also prepared a snack lunch for each skiing day. Saariselän Kuukkeli K-Market had a good selection of supplies. We stopped at cafes for coffee breaks, had one lunch and one dinner at restaurants.

Snack lunch: Sandwich, sausages (ketchup and/or mustard if you prefer), banana, apple, snack bars, coffee/tea in thermos, chocolate and licorice. Pack along matches, tissue, plastic bag (to pack the trash and take home with you).

Cafe Porotupa: Idyllic little café right next to Holiday Club main building. Only a couple of tables inside but on a warm and sunny spring day the tables outside were the perfect place to enjoy an afternoon coffee. They also had oat milk available. Pancakes looked too good!

Cafe Porotupa Saariselka -

Kaunispään Huippu: The café at the top of Kaunispää fell offers lunch and a wide range of homemade cakes. The doughnuts were fresh and delicious.

Muossi Grilli: this fast-food place offers a wide range of burgers. We tried cheese burger, double burger and reindeer burger and can give thumbs up to all with fries. They offer also gluten free buns.

Pirkon Pirtti: On our last night in Saariselka we wanted to have dinner at a restaurant and had a tough choice between Pirkon Pirtti and Petronella. The latter was offering only 3 course menus at that time, so we opted for Pirkon Pirtti for the wider selection including local specialties, kids list and pizzas. Don’t let the exterior of the building fool you, the interior of the restaurant is nice and idyllic.

Pirkon Pirtti Saariselka -

Where to Stay

We can recommend the Holiday Club Saariselkä apartments that are well equipped with linen and all needed kitchen equipment. We’ve stayed at both Riekonraito and Siulasekä apartments. Both have 1 bedroom, 2 beds on the mezzanine loft, fireplace, sauna. Ideal for 2-4 persons although you can fit up to 6 persons if the sofa-bed is taken into use.

Riekonraito’s central location at just across the street from the Holiday Club main building with reception and spa, a few hundred meters from the grocery store. The location was ideal for us as we were travelling with public transportation and didn’t have a car.

Holiday Club Saariselka

Previously we stayed at Holiday Club apartments Siulaselka that are located a bit further from the main building. It was possible to get to some ski tracks directly from the door which was great with a child practicing to ski. It’s a good location if you are visiting Saariselkä by car, have a rented vehicle or don’t mind walking a kilometer to get to the grocery store and other services in Saariselkä village.

How to Get There

The great thing about Saariselkä is that it’s easy to access with public transportation and about everything in the village is within walking distance so a car really isn’t needed. There’s a ski bus connection running about every 30 minutes between the village and the downhill skiing resort.


The most convenient and fast way to get to Saariselka from Helsink is by air. There are daily flights by Finnair and Norwegian from Helsinki to Ivalo. The flights often fly via another Lapland destination Kittilä, so watch out which flight you book. You’ll notice it from the flight time – a direct Helsinki-Ivalo flight takes 1h40m while the flight via Kittilä takes almost an hour longer. Sometimes the latter flight option may be less expensive though.

There is a convenient bus connection between Ivalo airport and Saariselkä village. It’s very easy to find the right bus at the airport: just exit the airport and you should see it about 100 meters to the left. The price for adult was 10 euros and children under 12 years old 5 euros.

Other options to travel to Saariselkä are by train from Helsinki to Rovaniemi and taking a bus to Saariselkä.

Next time

Three days was way too short to experience everything that Saariselka has to offer. There are numerous excellent reasons to return for another visit:

  • Glass igloo hotels and resorts near Saariselkä to stay and sleep under the open sky and see the Northern Lights from a bed.
  • Downhill skiing
  • The Old Gold Mine “Prospektorin kaivos”
  • Husky Bar /Mehtä-baari
  • Sauna at Laanila
  • Kiilopää Fell Center
  • Huts in the Urho Kekkonen National Park

Have you visited Saariselkä? What did you enjoy the most? Please share your tips with us, we’d love to hear from you.

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4 Days in Saariselkä - Skiing in Lapland Urho Kekkonen National Park   4 Days in Saariselkä - Skiing in Lapland Urho Kekkonen National Park

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2 Days in Stockholm with Kids by Helsinki to Stockholm Ferry

2 Days in Stockholm with Kids by Helsinki to Stockholm Ferry

Stockholm and Junibacken, the theme park based on Astrid Lindgren’s books such as Pippi Långstocking, had been in our travel plans for ages. Traveling from Helsinki to Stockholm with kids by ferry or by air is super easy with numerous daily connections between the two capitals. A long weekend in the end of May was the perfect timing for a mini-break – crossing the Baltic sea on an overnight Silja Line cruise and arriving in the morning for a 2 days in Stockholm was a fun and relaxing experience that exceeded our expectations.

Stockholm view

Day 1: Gamla Stan Old Town and the Royal Palace

The Stockholm Gamla Stan Old Town has charming atmosphere created by the narrow streets and old buildings. It’s nice to just walk around or visit the shops and cafes in the area.

Stockholm Gamla Stan

The girls loved the visit to the Royal Palace and didn’t get bored even though it was quite a lot of walking to go through it. We admired the royal dresses and outfits across centuries on display. The palace rooms are beautifully decorated.

Stockholm Royal Palace

Check tickets costs and opening hours (typically 10 am to 4 pm in the winter and 9 am to 5 pm in the summer) here.

Late Lunch

After touring the Royal Palace we were hungry and needed a break. Since the weather was lovely we absolutely wanted to find a table outdoors. We stumbled upon Restaurang Misteln Bar & Café and although a bit pricey, the location in the heart of Stortorget and the lovely old town ambience were unbeatable.

Day 2: Junibacken

We took the metro to Karlaplan and walked through the park with a fountain in the middle of a large water pool. It looked so nice that it would have been fun to just hang out in the park for a while enjoying the sunshine. There was also an outdoor flea market but we realized we hadn’t exchanged any Swedish krone so (luckily) it wasn’t possible to make any unplanned purchases.


Crossing the bridge to Östermalm where Skansen open air museum is located. It would be easy to spend at least two or three days here especially if the weather is nice. There’s Grönalund amusement park, Abba museum and the Wasamuseum, home of the infamous Wasa ship that we had to skip due to the tight schedule but for sure will be on our agenda on our next visit to Stockholm.

Stockholm Ostermalm Bridge

Junibacken charmed us completely. At first glance, it seemed very small and we were wondering if it would be worth the entrance fee, yet the kids loved everything about it. The ticket includes a ride on the “train” that goes through different meticulously constructed scenes that are in Lindgren’s books. Then you arrive at Pippi’s house where the kids can climb upstairs and take the slide down. There’s even a wooden version of Pippi’s horse to ride!

Stockholm Junibacken

The circus-like café looks awesome – I could imagine it would be a wonderful place to have a birthday party! It has a great balcony with great sea views towards Stockholm center. In the backyard there’s a play area for especially the smaller kids. Don’t miss out on the other side of Junibacken that is accessed by going through the gift store – there’s lots of fun exploration including staging your own picture of hanging from the chandelier!

Stockholm Junibacken Restaurant

Check tickets costs and opening hours (typically 10 am to 5 pm) here.

Silja Line Helsinki to Stockholm Ferry

The Silja Line ships Serenade and Symphony cruise between Helsinki and Stockholm on alternating days. As we were staying overnight in Stockholm, we took Symphony to Stockholm and returned abroad Serenade. One of the best things about traveling with kids by Helsinki to Stockholm ferry is how convenient it is to move around – there is so much to do and see to keep the little ones happy and yet everything is close by.

Silja Symphony
Photo: Tallink Silja

Arrival to the Ferry and Checking-in to the Cabin

It’s a good idea to arrive early to the terminal, so that you can board the ship about an hour before the departure. If you’re lucky with the weather like we were, go to the sun deck for the departure and you have the chance to take some amazing photos of Helsinki. It’s often very windy and cold and warm clothes would be a must, but we were very lucky as it was the first warm days of spring.

We liked the Promenade cabin very much – the kids loved sitting on the windowsill with views down to the buzzling Promenade with restaurants and shops. The compact cabin is furnished with foldable bunk beds for four persons, a dressing table and a bathroom. Other similar cabin options include A-class cabin that has windows to the sea and B-class without windows. C-class cabins offer a budget option on the lowest decks. Additionally, there is a small number of specialty cabins such as Moomin family cabin (we would have loved it but only a few of these specialties onboard so book early if you want to secure one for your family!).

Silja Serenade Promenade Cabin
Photo: Tallink Silja

Fun Entertainment Onboard

The eight-year-olds enjoyed the Moomin music and dance show and activities for kids. They thought that the Kids playroom would be just for the very little kids and didn’t want to go there. Later my daughter saw photos about all the fun stuff there (legos, drawing, computer games, etc.) and now she wants to go again to Stockholm by ferry!

We also enjoyed the acrobatics show on Promenade and did some shopping. We also got our photos taken by the professional photographer on-board and got the prints in the morning (they also emailed the digital files at a small extra fee). Time goes too quickly to do all the fun things – we didn’t even make it to the spa so there’s plenty of things to do also on our next cruise.

Serenade Promenade
Photo: Tallink Silja

Cruise Food

The buffet is a classic and has a wide selection of starters, mains and desserts. Drinks (water, juice, soda, beer, or wine from the tap are included) in the price. There’s also a children’s buffet table with the kids favorites like meatballs, sausages, French fries…. And ice cream for dessert! It’s best to reserve the buffet in advance especially if you’d like to get a table in the first seating.

Symphony Buffet
Photo: Tallink Silja

Breakfast buffet was worth the investment and especially ideal for early risers – we not being early birds struggled to get up early enough to fully enjoy a long, relaxed brekkie but it was a great way to wake up and get going.

On the way back, we opted for a la carte dinner at Tavolata, the Italian restaurant – we took the menu and it was delicious. They offered a children’s buffet that the kids savored.

Tavolata Italian Restaurant
Photo: Tallink Silja

Where to Stay in Stockholm

We booked the Silja Line family package that included one night in Scandic Ariadne in the harbor as it was the only available option that had family rooms for four people. It was super easy to get there from the ferry, to check-in and leave the luggage there before heading to explore the city. Scandic Ariadne’s penthouse bar was a great place to end the day and the breakfast outdoors on the deck was the best part of our stay.

However, it is a bit further away from city center and the main attractions, requiring taking the metro or other form of transport and if we visit Stockholm again we’ll probably go for a hotel in the center. Though the metro was very convenient to use and, in the weekends (from noon on Friday onwards) and public holidays children go free!

Stockholm metro

Have you been to Stockholm? Anything you would recommend? We’d love to hear about your experiences!

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2 Days in Stockholm with Kids by Helsinki to Stockholm Ferry 2 Days in Stockholm with Kids by Helsinki to Stockholm Ferry

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12 Hours in Boston – 1 Day Itinerary and Walking Tour Map

12 Hours in Boston – 1 Day Itinerary and Walking Tour Map

Boston was one of the first cities in the United States that I visited, and the skyscrapers, fascinating history and atmosphere made a huge impression. How was it to return 30 years later? Well, the city that was founded in 1630 has changed a lot for sure in the last few decades. The Uber driver shared that a major change was building the Boston Tunnel that opened about a decade ago and moved key highways underground. Thanks to this huge investment the city seems to have less noise from traffic, cleaner air and welcoming feeling for pedestrians and bicyclers. The city center felt perfect size for getting around on foot and sidewalks were everywhere making it safe to stroll around. I enjoyed the atmosphere in the city that hosts some of the world’s top universities, research institutions and a wide range of companies from startups to multinationals.

I was in the city for a business trip but on the last day had 12 hours before hopping on the plane to my next destination. Here’s an itinerary for one day in Boston with a self-guided walking tour map of the key sites. The walking tour is in total 13 kilometers / 8 miles – the first part is about 5 km / 3 mi, followed with a ferry connection from Charlestown to Long Wharf and then around 8 km / 5mi for the second part. Without any breaks this tour could be completed in a much shorter time, but my itinerary takes a calm pace and includes breaks for breakfast, lunch, coffee and dinner as well as plenty of time to admire the views. Feel free to go at a slower or faster pace based on what fits your interests!

Morning jog at the Public garden

The Public garden is a charming park with lots of beautifully maintained colorful flowers. In the middle of the park there’s a pond and Swan boats for rent. What a wonderful place for a quick morning run or a starting point of a longer jog around Boston – it’s easy to move around even across the bridges to Harvard side of the river and do a circular route back.

Public garden Boston

Common Garden, the Freedom trail and the Harbor walk

The Freedom trail starts from the Common Garden and there’s lots of historical buildings like Faneuil Hall on the way. From the Freedom Trail you can continue to the Boston Harbor Walk for a longer outing along the Historic North End and across the Charlestown Bridge.

Freedom Trail, Faneuil Hall

Charlestown Navy Yard and USS Constitution Museum

The Charlestown Navy Yard is a historic site where you can learn fascinating history of how the yard built, repaired, and maintained ships for almost two centuries. It’s open year-round and there are two historic warships for visitors: sailing frigate USS Constitution and destroyer USS Cassin Young.

USS Constitution Boston

After the heavy dive into U.S. marine history, I was feeling ready for some brunch. Style Café was recommended by a local as best coffee and reasonably priced sandwiches. I ordered an omelet for breakfast with almond latte for around 12 dollars it was a great deal with the free WiFi. There’s only a few tables inside and outside so it can get crowded.

Boston Harbor Cruise

Boston Harbor Cruise ferry from Charlestown to Long Wharf and the best deal with just 3,50 dollars for a one-way ticket. The views to the city from the sea are amazing!

Charlestown Ferry

Rose F. Kennedy Greenway

Rose F. Kennedy Greenway park has public lounge chairs and free wifi that make it a perfect spot for a relaxing break outdoors. There’s pieces of art to admire and an impressive mural painting.

Rose F. Kennedy Greenway Mural

Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum Shop

The Boston Tea Party was a special event in the American history – taking place in 1773, the protest escalated in the American Revolution. The Boston Tea Party Museum hosts two replica ships and actors playing out scenes. A wonderful interactive learning opportunity for both kids and adults!

Boston Tea Party Museum -

Lunch at Abigail’s Tea Room

The Boston Tea Party Museum’s café is called Abigail’s Tea Room & Terrace. Make sure to get here early enough to not miss lunch that’s served until 4pm. The tea room is famous for scones and I took the blueberry scone and wasn’t disappointed. Hot tea tasting is available with five flavors as well as iced tea (I recommend the apple and strawberry flavored. I got a table on the deck where I could see the ships and hear pieces of the tour. The staff is dressed in traditional costumes and I met Ruby who was surprised to hear that I had come all the way from Finland – after all, it must have taken 2 or 3 months by ship to cross the Atlantic!

Abigails Tearoom Boston

Fan Pier Park

A short walk from the Boston Tea Party museum is Fan Pier Park that’s a nice modern boardwalk close to the marina with grassy seating areas. Grab a coffee and relax for a moment watching the views or read a book with the Boston skyline in the background.

Fan Pier Park Boston

China town

The Boston China town is a unique, colorful and lively area to walk through. Although maybe not the cleanest and most organized part of the town, it’s a fun area to walk through and maybe grab a bite to eat.

Collonnade hotel rooftop pool

The rooftop pool bar is open to public only on weekdays evenings after 5pm with a 10-dollar entrance fee. If you want to catch the sun it’s best to arrive right at 5pm as later the sun goes behind neighboring buildings and it can get chilly unless it’s a very warm day. Enjoy the small pool, the loungers and the rooftop bar for a relaxing break with views.

Collonnade Hotel Boston Rooftop Pool

Prudential Center Skywalk Observatory

The next stop is the Prudential Center Skywalk Observatory where you can enjoy an audio tour and see the full 360-degree views over Boston. The Prudential Center is also a shopping center so if the day is too cool for the rooftop pool visit you could also easily spend an hour going around the stores before or after taking the elevator to the Skywalk Observatory.

Dinner at Top of the Hub

Located on the just upstairs from the Skywalk, on the 52nd floor at the Prudential Center Boston, Top of the Hub restaurant has amazing views across Boston. The best time to arrive is at dusk to see the sun set and the city lights. There was pleasant live music and I got lucky to even see fireworks – what a fantastic way to end the day in Boston!

Top of the Hub Restaurant Boston

Getting around

The public transportation system including metro is a great way to move around in the city. I found Uber most practical form of transportation from the airport to the city and the outdoor pick-up point was easy to access from the terminal.

Good to know

Tap water is good for drinking, so there’s no need to buy lots of bottled water. The weather can be windy, so a windproof jacket could be a good idea to bring along. The city isn’t the cheapest for hotels and restaurants so it makes sense to plan ahead if you’re on a budget. Like in many big cities, there were some homeless people on the streets that I always find sad but it does remind to be thankful to have a home and opportunities to travel.

Overall, Boston is one of my favorite cities due to it’s seaside location, pedestrian-friendly streets and fascinating insights to U.S. history! If you have more time to travel in the region, there are some amazing Day Trips from Boston worth exploring!

Have you been to Boston and what are your favorite experiences in the city?

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